What is Ultra HD and are you Equipped for it?

While attending CES we made a stop to sit down with the UHD Alliance and the Blu-ray Disc association to get a better understanding of how they are making strives with the format, how the industry is trying to move ahead with the times, and one of the most important which is consumer education.

On the UHD Alliance(UHDA) side like its name applies behind the scenes you be surprised to know there are over 40+ companies in this alliance working together to achieve one goal which is a high or should I say ultra standard of quality and make sure everyone is on the same page. This helps on their end but also for the consumer. One company using this labeling and other using it in another way just adds confusion for customers. Talking to Mike Fidler who is President of UHDA says he wants it so that when customers see that “Ultra HD Premium” logo they understand they are getting a top of the line product which not only goes for content but devices as well.

On the Blu Ray Disc side it’s all about Ultra HD(UHD). UHD provides better and brighter colors such as HDR, cleaner wide-spread audio, and of course better resolution thanks to 4K. Now trying to explain these different terms to consumers can be a bit hard to digest for some and BDA has created some pretty cool and simple narratives to give you a better understanding of each bit of what makes Ultra HD Blu Ray great.

I have provided a video to their explanation of 4K but be sure to check the other videos associated on their channel HERE.

With all this said you want to make sure you have the right tech associated to achieve this goal. That means a 4K HDR TV and a Ultra HD Blu Ray Player such as an Xbox One S and X accomplish this if you have one.

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