UHD Alliance Defines Premium Viewing Experience For Battery Operated Devices

Unveils ‘Mobile HDR Premium’ Logo for Laptops, Notebooks, Tablets and Smartphones

Enjoying high-quality programming on portable devices including laptops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones has become a primary mode of content consumption for a large and ever-growing segment of the consumer entertainment audience. The UHDA’s MOBILE HDR PREMIUM designation confirms that a device meets UHDA- defined performance criteria for resolution, dynamic range, color space and bit depth and delivers a consistent premium experience.

“The dramatic improvement of screens in battery operated devices, coupled with the emergence of 4K and 4K with HDR streaming offerings through services such as Amazon, Netflix and others, makes it possible for consumers to get a much richer and more immersive experience on their computers, tablets and smartphones,” said UHDA President, Hanno Basse. “The expansion of our certification of logo program will help consumers identify premium portable products that take full advantage of the wealth of HDR content coming to market.”

The mobile category surpassed the in-home category in consumer entertainment device spending in 2013, and Statista predicts that mobile video internet traffic, which is currently over 3.5 million terabytes per month, will reach nearly 23 million terabytes per month by 2020. Ooyala’s Global Video Index found that 52 percent of all video streams in the third quarter of 2016, both short and long form, were viewed on mobile devices.

“Portable devices are a primary mode of video consumption and the category itself is a key component of the rapidly expanding Ultra HD ecosystem,” added Basse.

Since its introduction, consumer adoption of Ultra HD hardware and software has seen incredible growth with an estimated 100 million households worldwide currently enjoying an Ultra HD experience, and by 2020 it is estimated there will be 450 million UHD TV households.*

As the category has grown, so has the UHD Alliance, which was founded in April 2015 by 10 companies and now counts more than 50 global leaders in consumer electronics, entertainment, content distribution and technology among its membership. The UHDA unveiled its Ultra HD PREMIUM™ certification and logo program for televisions and pre-recorded content at CES© 2016, followed swiftly by certification of Ultra HD Blu-ray players last April.

The UHDA MOBILE HDR PREMIUM specifications cover a range of devices, screen sizes and resolutions with parameters for dynamic range, color space and bit depth:

DeviceResolutionDynamic RangeColor SpaceBit Depth
Smartphones (3- to 7-inch screens)60 pixels/degree.0005-540 nits90% of P3 Color gamut10
Tablets (7- to 12.9-inch screens)60 pixels/degree.0005-540 nits90% of P3 Color gamut10
Laptops (9.5- to 18-inch screens)60 pixels/degree.0005-540 nits or 0.1-600 nits90% of P3 Color gamut10

Licensing of the MOBILE HDR PREMIUM specification and logo is expected to begin by April 1, 2017. Companies interested in the UHDA specification and the associated licensing terms can obtain a copy of the UHDA Information Agreement by going through: uhdalliance.org/contact-us/.

The UHD Alliance (UHDA), comprising more than 50 member companies, is a global coalition of leading entertainment studios, consumer electronics manufacturers, content distributors and technology companies aligned to foster the creation of an ecosystem that fully realizes and promotes the next generation premium in-home entertainment platform. UHDA Board members are senior executives from: Amazon.com, Inc., Dolby Laboratories, LG Electronics, Netflix, Panasonic Corporation, Samsung Electronics, Sony Corporation, Technicolor, The Walt Disney Studios, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. Entertainment.  To learn more about the UHD Alliance, please visit: uhdalliance.org

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