Vision & Goals


  • Provide consumers a new differentiated entertainment experience that delivers a premium expression of creative intent using next generation audio‐visual technologies


  • Define a next generation premium audio‐visual entertainment experience
    • Promote broad industry adoption
    • Promote consumer awareness
  • Reach consensus on quality criteria & a quality regime, assured by the UHD Alliance, across the ecosystem of premium content, devices and services
  • Enable new business opportunities in premium UHD leveraging cooperative efforts across the end‐to‐end ecosystem

Work Scope

  • Specify requirements for the Premium quality of UHD Content, Distribution, Devices, and other elements of the ecosystem
    • Define criteria that distinguish premium quality ecosystem components while preserving creative intent
  • Provide clear definitions, industry guidelines and best practices on emerging technologies, and collaborate with other standards organizations
  • Develop testing methodologies and certification programs based on the UHD Alliance specifications
  • Establish UHD Alliance Logo program on certified products
    • Ensure UHDA‐branded content is guaranteed optimal presentation on UHDA‐branded devices
  • Promote UHD Alliance Brand and ecosystem to consumers
    • Establish consumer facing naming and marketing messaging
    • Encourage consumers to choose UHDA‐branded products for a truly next‐generation experience